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Subroutines are used to easily "jump" to a set of commands within the script.


A subroutine is created with the next command:

//code goes here 
name An unique name for the subroutine. Note the : at the end of the name!
RETURN This closes the subroutine. Every command in the subroutine has to be between the name: and RETURN.

You can script the subroutine where ever you want, even before LEVELSTART!


To activate a subroutine at the start of the game, use this command:


The FORWARD must be before LEVELSTART


To jump to the subroutine mid-game, you use the next command:

GOSUB name:

Again, don't forget the : at the end of the name. A GOSUB can be everywhere where you want to jump to the subroutine: inside an IF, a WHILE, etc, as long as it's after LEVELSTART.

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