Jesus saves

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Jesus saves

The text "Jesus saves" is used to mark the save points in GTA2. Each of the three districts of Anywhere City contains one save point at the church. The neon sign malfunctions, which causes it to read 'U save' ('You save') as well as 'Jesus saves'.

You can save the game by entering the church. If you can't find the church or it's entrance, you can use the satellite dish on top of the TV Van, which always points to the saving point. You can only save the game when you're not on a mission, and it will cost you $50.000,=. Every player can save one game at a time. If the game is successfully saved, you will hear "Hallelujah! Another soul saved!" and if not, "Damnation! No donation, no salvation!". Only your status (your money, passed missions, respect, weapons, etc.) will be saved. All pick-ups, parked cars, etc. will spawn again as if you started a new game.

GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, the text "Jesus saves" can also be found as a wall painting in the bar and the ghettos of Los Santos.

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