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Claude Speed Trey Welsh Johnny Zoo Elmo Red Valdez
Claude Speed Trey Welsh Johnny Zoo Elmo Red Valdez
Doctor LaBrat Billy Bob Bean Uno Carb Jerkov Sunbeam
Doctor LaBrat Billy Bob Bean Uno Carb Jerkov Sunbeam

Cop Cop Cops try to arrest you or, if this isn't possible, to shoot you if you have a wanted level. They patrol the neighbourhoods by foot or by car and are armed with a pistol.
SWAT cop SWAT cop SWAT-cops chase you when you have wanted level 4. They wear armor, which means they are harder to kill than normal cops. They drive in SWAT Vans which can transport four SWAT cops. SWAT cops are armed with pistols.
Special agent FBI cop FBI cops or "special agents" like they are called in GTA2, will chase you at wanted level 5. The operate in teams of two cops and drive in Special Agent Cars. They are armed with shotguns or silenced machine guns.
Soldier Soldier Soldiers roam the streets at wanted level 6. They are armed with machine guns.
Medic Medic When pedestrians get hurt, Medicars with medics will arive to provide first aid to the wounded (except the player). When a pedestrian is patched up by a medic, he runs away with full health. Medics will try to get their car back if you steal it.
Pickpocket Pickpocket Pickpockets will attack people to steal their money. They will also try to steal money from the player, but they won't hurt you. The longer a pickpocket is near you, the more money he will steal, although he'll never get more then a few dollars. You can scare them of by firing your gun.
Car-jacker Car-jacker Car-jackers steal cars by pulling car drivers out of their car. They drive very reckless, crashing into other cars and ignoring traffic lights or pedestrians (including the player) in front of their car. Eventually, car-jackers leave their car on the middle of the road to get another one.
Elvis-look-a-like Elvis-look-a-like Groups of Elvis fans walk in a line through the streets. By running them down at once rewards you with the "Elvis has left the building!"-bonus.
Zaibatsu gang memberLoonieYakuza ganglidRedneckScientistHare Krishna ganglidRussian Gang members walk and drive in their gang area. Killing gang members will decrease the respect the gang has for you, but will increase the respect of a rivalling gang. A gang which does not respect you will attack you with increasingly heavy weapons. When it does respect you, it will protect you from attackers with pistols.
Gang members
Prisoner Prisoner Prisoners are confined to the Alma Mater State Prison in the Residential District of Anywhere, USA. They are unarmed, but some will try to hit you if you attack them. You will not get a wanted level if you kill them.

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