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Eleven radio stations can be heard in GTA2; five in each district. You can switch between stations with 1 and 2 on the PC, and with arrow up on the PS.

Downtown District
Head Radio Futuro Radio Lithium Funami Rockstar Radio
HeadRadio Futuro FM Lithium Radio Funami FM Rockstar Radio
Residential District
Head Radio Futuro Radio Osmosis KING 130.7
HeadRadio Futuro FM Osmosis FM Rebel Radio KREZ
Industrial District
Head Radio Futuro Radio KGBH Radio Heavenly Radio
HeadRadio Futuro FM KGBH Radio Heavenly Radio Lo Fi FM
Band Song Artist(s)
Bulamatari Taxi Drivers Mr. Clarke & Key Wilde
Flytronix Pendulum Danny Demierre
Flytronix Past Archives Danny Demierre
Anna Do it on Your Own Craig Conner
Testing My Tiny World Craig Conner
PussyWillows Real Love Craig Conner
The One Southpark Craig Conner
Jay & Conner Vegas Road Jay Wemyss & Craig Conner
Apostles of Funk Yellow Butter S. Ross
Davidson All I Wanna Do
Stikki Fingerz Holdin' it Out for You C. Anderson & P. Mackie
Track 7 I Wanna Phunk
Negro vs. Conner Showin' Me Love Craig Conner & Robert De Negro
E=mc Good Times Jacking in Hilltown P. Scargill & Robert De Negro
Reed L.E.D. S. Ross
Numb How's It's Done S. Ross
Bert Reid's Guitar Trio A Cool Day in Downtown
Stylus Exodus Toucan Pie C. Anderson
Tammy Boness & The Swinging Mammaries The Diner J. Weymss & Craig Conner
Cow Tastes Good Surf City C. Anderson
Spangly Feet Dazed & Confuzed S. Ross
Rev. Rooney & the Rocksta Choir God Bless All the Universe Craig Conner
Voice Box Computer Lust S. Ross
Future Loop Garage Acid P. Scargill
Sterlin Standing on my Own Craig Conner
Zoneboys Amazing Grace traditional
Toys are Real Flymutha P. Scargill
4 How Much 4 O2N Craig Conner
Ido Ball Blaster S. Ross
Tsunami F.A.G. Filter S. Ross
E-Z Rollers Short Change - Menu tune Alex Banks & Jay Hurren
Scrapyard Mongrels I Love this Feeling (Stoned Again) - Credits tune P. Scargill & A. Steenkamp
GTA2 intro Craig Conner

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