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Armor Armor serves as an extra protection of 10 health points. Armor will not protect you from cars, explosions, punching or falling of a building.
Double damage
Double damage Your weapons are twice as powerful for a brief moment. Double damage has no effect on rocket launchers, grenades, molotov cocktails en vehicle bombs.
Fast reload
Fast reload You can reload twice as fast for a brief moment, which means you can do more damage.
Invisibility Police, gang members and opponents can't see you. In multiplayer, also your arrow becomes invisible.
Invulnerability* You are invulnerable to fists, weapons and cars. However, you can be killed by an electrogun, electrofingers, water, being blown up in your car and being dropped from a high building.
Electrofingers Everyone who gets near you will get a shock and die if they stay near you to long.
Get outta jail freecard You'll keep your weapons after being arrested.
Health Your health is restored to five full hearts.
Cop bribe
Cop bribe Your wanted level is evaded.
Respect! Gain one bar of respect from one gang. Not available in multiplayer
Instant gang
Instant gang Gives you a gang of four bodyguards with dual pistols. Not available in singleplayer.
Life +1
Life +1 An extra life
Multiplier +1
Multiplier +1 Multiplies your rewards.
Kill Frenzy
Kill Frenzy Destroy or kill a set amount of targets within the given time. Completing a Kill Frenzy will reward you with money, an extra life and your wanted level is removed. A bonus level is unlocked if you complete all 25 Kill Frenzies of a district. Not available in multiplayer.
GTA2 Badge
GTA2 Badge Collect all badges in a district to unlock a bonuslevel. Verzamel alle 50 badges in elk level en je krijgt een bonuslevel. Not available in multiplayer.

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