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WARNING: It's recommended that you do not save the game when codes have been enabled. It may affect your game statistics, and may cause glitches. Additionally, some codes cannot be disabled.

PC Cheat
PS Cheat
Xbox Cheat
Player cheats
Weapon set 1 THUGS TOOLS R1R1L1R1LeftDownRightUpLeftDown Right TriggerBlackLeft TriggerBlackLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp
Weapon set 2 NUTTER TOOLS R1R1L1R1LeftDownRightUpLeftDown Right TriggerBlackLeft TriggerBlackLeftDownRightUpLeftDownDownDown
Weapon set 3 PROFESSIONAL TOOLS R1R1L1CircleLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp Right TriggerBlackLeft TriggerBlackLeftDownRightUpLeftDownDownLeft
Maximum health ASPIRINE R1R1L1CircleLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp Right TriggerBlackLeft TriggerBLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp
Maximum armor PRECIOUS PROTECTION R1R1L1CrossLeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp Right TriggerBlackLeft TriggerALeftDownRightUpLeftDownRightUp
Commit suicide I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE RightL2DownR1LeftLeftR1L1L2L1 RightWhiteDownRight TriggerLeftLeftRight TriggerLeft TriggerWhiteLeft Trigger
Increase wanted level YOU WONT TAKE ME ALIVE R1R1CircleR1LeftRightLeftRightLeftRight Right TriggerRight TriggerBBlackLeftRightLeftRightLeftRight
Remove wanted leel LEAVE ME ALONE R1R1CircleR1UpDownUpDownUpDown Right TriggerRight TriggerBBlackUpDownUpDownUpDown
Make Tommy thin PROGRAMMER
Let Tommy smoke CERTAIN DEATH
Skin cheats
Random character STILL LIKE DRESSING UP RightRightLeftUpL1L2LeftUpDownRight RightRightLeftUpLeft TriggerWhiteLeftUpDownRight
Ricardo Diaz CHEATS HAVE BEEN CRACKED L1L2R1R1DownL1R1L2 Left TriggerWhiteRight TriggerBlackDownLeft TriggerBlackWhite
Lance Vance LOOK LIKE LANCE CircleL2LeftCrossR1L1CrossL1 BWhiteLeftARight TriggerLeft TriggerALeft Trigger
Ken Rosenberg MY SON IS A LAWYER RightL1UpL2L1RightR1L1CrossR1 RightLeft TriggerUpWhiteLeft TriggerRightRight TriggerLeft TriggerARight Trigger
Hilary King I LOOK LIKE HILARY R1CircleR1L1RightR1L1CrossR1 Right TriggerBBlackLeft TriggerRightRight TriggerLeft TriggerABlack
Sonny Forelli I DONT HAVE THE MONEY SONNY CircleL1CircleL2LeftCrossR1L1CrossCross BLeft TriggerBWhiteLeftARight TriggerLeft TriggerAA
Candy Suxxx I WANT BIG TITS BBlackDownRight TriggerLeftRightRight TriggerLeft TriggerAWhite
Jezz Torent ROCK AND ROLL MAN DownL1DownL2LeftCrossR1L1CrossCross DownLeft TriggerDownWhiteLeftARight TriggerLeft TriggerAA
Dick WE LOVE OUR DICK R1L2R1L1RightR1LeftCrossSquareL1 Right TriggerWhiteBlackLeft TriggerRightBlackLeftAXLeft Trigger
Phil Cassidy ONE ARMED BANDIT RightR1UpR1L1RightR1L1RightCircle RightRight TriggerUpBlackLeft TriggerRightRight TriggerLeft TriggerRightB
Mercedes Cortez FOXY LITTLE THING R1L1UpL1RightR1RightUpCircleTriangle BlackLeft TriggerUpLeft TriggerRightRight TriggerRightUpBY
Car spawn cheats
Rhino PANZER CircleCircleL1CircleCircleCircleL1L2R1TriangleCircleTriangle BBLeft TriggerBBBLeft TriggerWhiteRight TriggerYBY
Bloodring Banger A TRAVEL IN STYLE DownR1CircleL2L2CrossR1L1LeftLeft UpRightRightLeft TriggerRightUpXWhite
Bloodring Banger B GET THERE QUICKLY UpRightRightL1RightUpSquareL2 DownRight TriggerBBlackBlackARight TriggerLeft TriggerLeftLeft
Hotring Racer A GET THERE VERY FAST INDEED R1CircleR1RightL1L2CrossCrossSquareR1 Right TriggerBBlackRightLeft TriggerWhiteAABRight Trigger
Hotring Racer B GET THERE AMAZINGLY FAST R1L1CircleRightL1R1RightUpCircleR1 BlackLeft TriggerBRightLeft TriggerRight TriggerRightUpBBlack
Romero's Hearse THE LAST RIDE DownR1DownR1L2LeftR1L1LeftRight DownBlackDownRight TriggerWhiteLeftRight TriggerLeft TriggerLeftRight
Love Fist ROCK AND ROLL CAR R1UpL2LeftLeftR1L1CircleRight BlackUpWhiteLeftLeftRight TriggerLeft TriggerBRight
Trashmaster RUBBISH CAR CircleR1CircleR1LeftLeftR1L1CircleRight BRight TriggerBRight TriggerLeftLeftRight TriggerLeft TriggerBRight
Sabre Turbo GET THERE FAST RightL2DownL2L2CrossR1L1CircleLeft RightWhiteDownWhiteWhiteARight TriggerLeft TriggerBLeft
Caddy BETTER THAN WALKING CircleL1UpR1L2CrossR1L1CircleCross BLeft TriggerUpRight TriggerWhiteARight TriggerLeft TriggerBA
Other car cheats
Invisible cars WHEELS ARE ALL I NEED TriangleL1TriangleR1SquareL1L1
Blow up nearby cars BIG BANG R1L2R1L1L2R1SquareTriangleCircleTriangleL2L1 BlackWhiteRight TriggerLeft TriggerWhiteBlackXYXYBlackLeft Trigger
Cars can drive on water SEA WAYS RightR1CircleR1L2SquareR1R1 RightBlackBRight TriggerWhiteXRight TriggerBlack
Aggressive traffic MIAMI TRAFFIC R1CircleR1L2LeftR1L1R1L2 BlackBRight TriggerWhiteLeftRight TriggerLeft TriggerBlackWhite
Pink vehicles A HAIRDRESSERS CAR CircleL1DownL2LeftCrossR1L1RightCircle BLeft TriggerDownWhiteLeftARight TriggerLeft TriggerRightA
Black vehicles I WANT IT PAINTED BLACK CircleL2UpR1LeftCrossR1L1LeftCircle
Cars float COME FLY WITH ME RightR1CircleR1L2DownL1R1 RightBlackBRight TriggerWhiteDownLeft TriggerRight Trigger
Women get in your car HOP IN GIRL
Sports cars have bigger wheels LOADS OF LITTLE THINGS R1CrossTriangleRightR1SquareUpDownSquare Right TriggerAYRightBlackXUpDownX
Boats float AIR SHIP
Cars have more grip on the road GRIP IS EVERYTHING TriangleR1R1LeftR1L1R1L1 YRight TriggerRight TriggerLeftRight TriggerLeft TriggerBlackLeft Trigger
Weather cheats
Sunny A LOVELY DAY R1CrossL1L1L2L2L2Down BlackALeft TriggerLeft TriggerWhiteWhiteWhiteDown
Clear A PLEASANT DAY R1CrossL1L1L2L2L2Triangle BlackALeft TriggerLeft TriggerWhiteWhiteWhiteY
Cloudy A BIT DRIEG R1CrossL1L1L2L2L2Square BlackALeft TriggerLeft TriggerWhiteWhiteWhiteX
Storm CATS AND DOGS R1CrossL1L1L2L2L2Circle BlackALeft TriggerLeft TriggerWhiteWhiteWhiteA
Fog CANT SEE A THING R1CrossL1L1L2L2L2Cross BlackALeft TriggerLeft TriggerWhiteWhiteWhiteB
Overige cheats
Time goes faster LIFE IS PASSING ME BY CircleCircleL1SquareL1SquareSquareSquareL1TriangleCircleTriangle YUpRightDownXBlackRight Trigger
Time goes faster ON SPEED YUpRightDownXLeft TriggerWhite
Time goes slower BOOOOOORING TriangleUpRightDownSquareR1R1
Riot FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT DownLeftUpLeftCrossR1R1L2L1 DownLeftUpLeftABlackRight TriggerWhiteLeft Trigger
Everybody attacks you NOBODY LIKES ME DownUpUpUpCrossR1R1L2L2 DownUpUpUpABlackRight TriggerWhiteWhite
Media level meter CHASE STAT R1CircleUpL1RightR1RightUpSquareTriangle BlackBUpLeft TriggerRightRight TriggerRightUpXY
Pedestrians have weapons OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS R1R1CrossTriangleCrossTriangleUpDown BlackRight TriggerAYAYUpDown
Green trafficlights GREEN LIGHT RightR1UpL2L2LeftR1L1R1R1
Women will chase Tommy FANNY MAGNET CircleCrossL1L1R1CrossCrossCircleTriangle BALeft TriggerLeft TriggerBlackAABY
Women have weapons CHICKS WITH GUNS RightL1CircleL2LeftCrossR1L1L1Cross RightLeft TriggerBWhiteLeftARight TriggerLeft TriggerLeft TriggerA

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