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GTA Vice City Vigilante
Requires Police, VCPD Cheetah, Enforcer, FBI Washington, FBI Rancher, Barracks OL, Rhino, Hunter
Goal Complete 12 levels
Reward Body Armor max 150%
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The purpose is to pass all levels in one go. You have to eliminate criminals in these levels. When you progress, the levels will become more difficult because you have to deal with more criminals and they are harder to kill. You will get money after each elimination. Criminals also leave a lot of money behind when they die.

After you crashed a lot into the escape car, the criminals will get out. After that they will try to defend themselves with different weapons. You can also get out of the car, but you have to return to the vigi;ante-vehicle before the time runs out, because otherwise the mission will fail and you will lose your level. You can easily pass level 12 with a Rhino or a Hunter. The mission is also do-able using a FBI Washington, because this vehicle is firm and spraypaintable.

Level Reward Difference
Level 1 $50 $50
Level 2 $200 $150
Level 3 $450 $250
Level 4 $800 $350
Level 5 $1250 $450
Level 6 $1850 $550
etc.. etc.. etc..
With other vehicles it is almost impossible, because you have to crash the car and then your own vehicle will also get damaged. You can also do drive-by's, but then you can't look straight-ahead, so there is a possibility you crash into another vehicle. You can go to another vigilante-vehicle. After a while the cops will also come after you, because your help isn't appreciated. All vehicles except for the FBI Washington aren't spraypaintable, so when you have a wanted level, you have to pick up bribes.
You only have to do this mission one time. Once you did it, you will get your reward. You can also go on, for the money. The number of criminals doesn't increase, so it won't get more difficult. The money, however, will grow in a particular order, see the table to the left for more information.


Notice the spawnplace

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