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You can acquire nine safe houses in GTA Vice City. Two of these will be automatically given to you during the storyline, but you will have to buy the other seven yourself. Walk, when you have enough money, through the marker ( safe house ) to buy a safe house.

You can save the game at your safe houses by walking through the save-icon ( save-icoon ). You can also store and repair vehicles for free if the safe house has a garage.

Some safe houses have more features than others, so make sure you buy the best safe houses first, especially when you don't have a lot of money. Below you can see and compare all safe houses. To complete the game 100%, you will have to buy all safe houses.

Image Link Price Garages Extra's
1102 Washington Street 1102 Washington Street $3,000.=
3321 Vice Point 3321 Vice Point $2,500.= Random vehicle
El Swanko Casa El Swanko Casa $8,000.= 1, for 1 vehicle Kruger
Hyman Condo Hyman Condo $14,000.= 3, for 8 vehicles 'Street'-outfit, cop bribe, Maverick, Hidden Package rewards
Links View Apartment Links View Apartment $6,000.= 1, for 1 vehicle Random vehicle
Ocean Heights Apartment Ocean Heights Apartment $7,000.= 1, for 1 vehicle
Ocean View Hotel Ocean View Hotel Free 'Street'-outfit, Oceanic, Baseball bat, Hidden Package rewards
Skumole Shack Skumole Shack $1,000.= Uzi
Vercetti Estate Vercetti Estate Free 1, for 2 vehicles Infernus, Admiral, Stretch, Maverick, Sea Sparrow (after 80 hidden packages), Hidden Package rewards, 'Street'-outfit, 'Franky'-outfit (after completing 100%), 3x health, 2x armor, 2x adrenaline pill, shotgun, M4, sniper rifle, .357

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