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The main goal of the Taxi Driver mission is to drop off 100 passengers at their destination. It isn't nessecary to do this in one time. For every dropped off passenger you get money, for every combo of 5 passengers you get a bonus of $500, so for 5 passenger you get $500 bonus, for 10 passengers $1000 bonus, for 15 passengers $1500 and so on. If you deliver your customers fast there is also the possibility that you get a speedbonus, to achieve this bonus you need to drive your passenger to his or her destination in half time. But, be carefull! If you drive to dangerous the passengers will flee, and if your cab is trashed passenger won't be willing to enter your taxi. The mission is build on 6 steps. First of all you need to find a passenger, with help of the rader you can reconize the passengers with a yellow square or triangle. The second step is to drive towards them and give them time to get in the car. After they told you what their destination is, you need to drive to that exact place. Once you arrived you need to pull over in the pink marker and give the passenger time to get out of the vehicle. All there is left to do now is continue this process and do it a 100 times.

Just like the Paramedic and Firefighter mission you can not get out of the vehicle or the mission will end instantly. The dropped of passengers are added to the total amount though. But the bonusses you might have collected will be resetted when restarting the mission. You can find the total amount of dropped off passengers in the Stats screen by pausing the game.

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