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Vehicle: Ambulance

Description: The goal is to reach level 12 in one try. At each level you must bring wounded to the hospital: At level 1 one wounded, at level 2 two wounded, at level 3 three wounded, etc. You can only transport three wounded at once, so you should plan your routes carefully with help from the ingame map. For every wounded you pick up you’ll get extra time and from level 4 at the first load you drop of at the hospital you'll get some extra time. With every collision you make there will a deduction of a few seconds. Also you can’t repair your Ambulance and the mission stops as soon as you get out. Don't forget to always let you passenger life, one dead and the mission will be over, this can happen when you want to let a wounded in from behind but you drive just a little fast backwards (it has happened a lot at the final patient of level 12). The most GTA players will agree that this is the most difficult vehicle mission, so you should probably try multiple times before you get to level 12. Practice at fast but relax driving and plan your route carefully, especially in the higher levels. If you passed level 12 the mission stops. Don’t forget to turn your sirens on!

Reward: Tommy can run without getting tired.

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