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In the garages underneath Sunshine Garage you will find a strange map of Vice City. Stand in the marker in front of it to choose between 6 streetraces than press the horn-button to start a race. In every streetrace you have to compete against 3 other cars, which will always be an Infernus, a Cheetah and a Banshee. If you win the race you get four times the entrance-fee as a reward, if you lose you will lose your entrance-fee as well. You are free to pick any vehicle you like to race with.

To complete the game with 100% you'll have to win all six races once.

Terminal Velocity

Terminal Velocity

Entrance-fee: $100,-

Length: 1,1 mile

Reward: $400,-

This is the first and shortest race of them all, but doesn't mean that it therefore will be the easiest one. The race is too short to make up mistakes and once you are far behind the other 3 cars it's very hard to win the race. The race goes around the terminals at the airport. The best car to use will be the Cheetah because of it's good accelaration, it's high top-speed and the steady handling of the car. The race can be done in around 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

Entrance-feet: $500,-

Length: 1,652 mile

Reward: $2.000,-

This is the second race and also the most easiest race of the streetraces. You have to drive the Boulevard to the south and have to take the first big road to the north again. The whole track is basicly made of two long straigth roads and therefore the best car will be the Infernus. Drive with top-speed accept for the two corners and try to avoid collisions. You can take a head-start by making a run-up and slightly touching one of the three other cars. The race will now begin immediately but at least you have some speed already. The race can be done in little more than one minute.

Border Run

Border Run

Entrance-fee: $1.000,-

Length: 1,926 mile

Reward: $4.000,-

This one is a bit difficult. The race has a lot of turns with very dense traffic and therefore it's best to use the Police Cheetah. This car has a nice top-speed, a steady handling and, most important, has a sirene which will push all other cars to the side. This race goes through Little Haïti and Little Havana so try to do this race before playing the mission Troyan Voodoo. After this mission you're in a war with the Haitans and your car will be shot by them during the race. The race takes about one-and-a-half minute to complete.

Capital Cruise

Capital Cruise

Entrance-fee: $2.000,-

Length: 2,438 mile

Reward: $8.000,-

This is the fourth streetrace and it's a bit longer than the other three races. In this race the three other cars won't hesitate to bump you off the road so make sure you make a head-start. Try to be on your way as quick as possible and avoid collisions with other traffic. The race goes through Ocean Beach and Washington Beach, which are long straight roads so it's best to use the Infernus because of it's top-speed and nice handling. With the pedal to the metal and no collisions the race can be done in around one minute and 45 seconds.



Entrance-Fee: $5.000,-

Length: 2,86 mile

Reward: $20.000,-

In the fifth streetrace you're given the change to take a close look in Vice Point. The race goes through almost every street of this area. There are a lot of turns and crossing which will have a risk of collisions with traffic or with the other competitors. For this race the best choice will be the Police Cheetah for it's high top-speed, it's acceleration and off-course the police-sirene. Once taking the lead you won't have to take a lot of risk. Just keep driving nice and steady to the finish-line which will take you about two-and-a-half minutes.

V.C. Endurance

V.C. Endurance

Entrance-fee: $10.000,-

Length: 6.1 mile

Reward: $40.000,-

This is the last race and by far the most difficult one. The race goes through almost whole Vice City and for this race the best choice for a car is again the Police Cheetah. The race starts at the Sunyard Garage, through the streets of Little Havana with a lot of turns and over the bridge to Ocean Beach and Washington Beach. Halfway you will pass a Pay 'N' Spray which you can use in case your car is in bad shape. After Washington Beach you enter Vice Point and shortly afterwards you will reach Prawn Island. From there you drive across the bridge into Downtown and after that it's Litte Haïti, Little Havana again and back to the Sunyard. Try to do this race before playing the mission Troyan Voodoo. After this mission you're in a war with the Haitans and your car will be shot by them during the race in Little Haïti and Little Havana. The completion of the race will take about 5-and-a-half minutes.

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