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GTA San Andreas contains a large amount of Easter eggs. This page contains a list of all Easter eggs, look-a-likes and myths. Click here for a detailed map with all major Easter eggs.

Screenshot Link Description
50% off everything, may not be true 50% off everything beneath the text "SALE, 50% OFF EVERYTHING*" it says in small print "*May not be true".
Apartment 3C Apartment 3C Apartment 3C is a bedroom and a bathroom where someone was brutally murdered with a chainsaw. This is a reference to the movie 'Scarface', which indeed contains a scene of such a murder.
Air guitars Air guitars A shop in Ocean Beach sells 'air guitars' for $199,=.
Lifes a bitch Billboards Two billboards in Little Haiti have been altered. The text "Lifes a Beach" is changed in "Lifes a bitch" and "Welcome to Haiti" in "Welcome to Hell".
Big Bills Bowls Big Bills Bowls Various puns can be seen on the bowling aisle in Downtown, like "Only two balls per aisle" and "Please bring you own balls".
Hidden Caddy Hidden Caddy A Caddy is hidden in the bushes near the lighthouse, for unknown reasons.
Chariot Hotel Chariot Hotel The windows of the Chariot Hotel are lit in the shape of an enormous penis. Inside, you'll find a poster with an advice to people who plan to commit suicide: "Don't just jump; Hyperjump!".
Cherry Poppers Ice Cream factory Cherry Poppers Ice Cream The two dots of whipped cream on top of the Mr. Whoopee and the ice cream factory resemble the breasts of a woman.
El Banco Corrupto Grande El Banco Corrupto Grande The Spanish name means 'Very corrupt bank'.
Eddie's Eddie's The sign can also be seen above your first safe house in GTA III.
Easter egg Easteregg The VCN building contains a real easter egg!
Straat uit Liberty City Global Film Studios The film studios contain a set of a street on Staunton Island, Liberty City. At the desk near the entrance several images of a porn magazine can be seen.
Fun World Fun World A billboard with an advert of the amusement park 'Fun World' is located near the airport. Fun World is a persiflage on Disney World Florida.
GASH GASH GASH is a parody on the shop GAP. GASH will close soon in GTA San Andreas. Indeed: in GTA's set after 1986, the shop has been renamed to 'ZIP', as if the gash has been zipped.
Gruppe Sechs Gruppe Sechs 'Gruppe Sechs' is a persiflage on 'Gruppe Sieben'. 'Gruppe Sechs' sounds like 'Group sex'.
Hooker Inn Hooker Inn Hooker Inn parodies Holiday Inn. The meaning of 'Hooker' is obvious, and the name also sounds like 'Hook her in'.
Hostes ad pulverem ferire Hostes ad pulverem ferire Hostes ad pulverem ferire is Latin for 'Sla je vijanden tot pulp'.
It's hammer time! It's hammer time! Stop! It's hammer time!
Jack's Prosthetics Jack's Prosthetics Jack's Prosthetics sells prosthetics with humorous slogans: "This won’t cost you an arm and a leg!" and "Big nose sale now on".
Look! We have a boat that belonged to a loser! A losers boat! A billboard near the airport advertises for the Scottish city Dundee with the text "Look! We have a boat that belonged to a loser!". This refers to the ship "RRS Discovery", which is on display in Dundee.
Chartered Libertine Lines Chartered Libertine Lines The ship that was blown up by Claude and 8 Ball in GTA III is docked in Vice Port.
GTA Vice City intro Marco's Bistro In the background of the intro, during the scene in Marco's Bistro, you'll see a dead gangster hanging between the meat.
Targeting the moon Moon enlargement By shooting the moon, you can change it's size.
Don't even THINK of parking here. No parking! Several signs in Vice City humorously ask you not to park there:"Don't even THINK of parking here." and "No parking: Not 5 minutes. Not 30 seconds. NOT AT ALL!".
Ocean Drive Ocean Drive The Ocean Drive is based on the promenade in Miami, which also has a role in the movie 'Scarface'.
Ocean View appartement Ocean View Hotel During the game, more things will appear in your safe house at the Ocean View Hotel. Examples are posters, the loot of 'The Job', a'Shooter of the Month'-trophy, a Hidden Package cut in half and three brrels of Boomshine.
Don't pee in our pool! Don't pee in our pool! At two swimming pools the sign 'Don't pee in our pool!' with an image of yellow water can be found.
Pogo the Monkey Pogo the Monkey The video game 'Pogo the Monkey' from GTA III can be seen on a arcade games machine in the Well Stacked Pizza in Little Haïti and at Kaufman Cabs. Next to this games machine is the Degenatron.
PetsOvernight PetsOvernight from GTA III did exist in 1986, although it doesn't have '.com', as the Internet didn't exist yet.
Private show Pole Position Strip Club After you've completed Lap Dance, you can watch another private show in the back of the Pole Position Strip Club.
Phils Place Phils Place Phils trailer contains several funny posters, like "Soldiers of Misfortune" (They left Together, they came back in Pieces) and "Chicks & Guns" (It fucking ROCKS!).
Ryton Aide Ryton Aide At the 'Ryton Aide' pharmacies several funny adverts can be seen. Skankiscon has a 'diabolical flavor', Hidamol contains 'maybe 12 tablets' and uses the slogan 'Goodbey headache, hello whatever'. The building has a striking resemblance with a building in Manhunt.
Rockster Video Games Rockster Video Games The shop 'Rockster Video Games' refers to Rockstar and shows artwork of GTA III.
Rockstar Games logos Rockstar Games logo's The Rockstar Games logo can be found at numerous locations.
Romero's Butcher Romero's Butcher and Funeraria Romero runs both a butcher and a undertaker. Human flesh like corpses, an arm and a donor organ are on display at the butcher shop. Behind the undertaker are four shallow graves. One of them contains a skeleton. Note the missing arm: it's on display at the butcher shop.
RIP currents RIP currents Beach patrol seems to keep track of the number of people drowned in the water.
Reagan & Gorbatsjov Shooting Range Several easter eggs can be found at the Ammu-Nation Downtown. During the mission 'The Shootist', you have to shoot at targets in the shape of GTA III characters. A sign behind the first shooting range says "Please refrain from shooting fellow patrons, this is a bannable offence." Lastly, behind a wall a poster of Ronald Reagan en Michail Gorbatsjov can be found, but you need a tainer to see it.
Submarine Submarine A submarine is located in the water north of Vice City.
SpandEx SpandEx SpandEx parodies FedEx.
Shaft Shaft The term 'Shaft' and the slogan "The taste of a real mans meat" refers to the male member.
Dan Houser Dan Houser The shopkeeper in Ammu-Nation resembles Dan Houser.
Swimming pool Swimming pools Several swimming pools in Vice City have a remarkable shape, like the Rockstar Games logo or the shape of a woman.
TransAtlantique TransAtlantique The poster in the OCean View Hotel is based on the posters used for the intercontinental lines of the past.
Vercetti Estate Vercetti Estate Het Vercetti Estate is based on the mansion in the movie 'Scarface'. During the game, more things will appear in the Estate.
Sleeping with the fish Dumped bodies Two bodies with a block of concrete around their feet are dumped into the water; the classic method of the Mafia of taking care of someone.
Shipwreck Shipwreck Several small and large wrecks can be found in the water.
Zombie Elvis Found! Zombie Elvis Found! The magazines floating through Vice City contain the text "Zombie Elvis Found", with an image of an undead Elvis.

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