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Ingame stats

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In this checklist you will find everything you have to do for the 100%. You may print this page and check a part upon completion, using one of the boxes.



Sub missions


Chopper Checkpoints

Stadium Events

Vice Street Racer

Top Fun


It is quite a challenge to complete this list, but in contrast to GTA III, you will be rewarded! After completing GTA Vice City, you will receive the following:

  • Your maximum health will be increased to 200.
  • Your maximum armor will be increased to 200.
  • Your bullets will never run out, because when you shoot, one will go off the magazine, and one will added to what is left.
  • Vehicles can take 2 times the damage when Tommy drives.
  • You will get an additional Hunter, either in Fort Baxter Air Base or on the helipad in Washington Beach, so both contain one.
  • Franky outfit in the Vercetti Estate.
  • You can hire three bodyguards (for $2000,-) in the Vercetti Estate.

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