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In the Beginning
An old Friend
LawyerMarker.gif Ken Rosenberg
The Party
Back Alley Brawl
Jury Fury
Joint.gif Line2.PNG Line2.PNG Joint2.gif
Riot MrBlackMarker.gif Mr. Black
Road Kill
Joint.gif Joint2.gif Line.PNG
AveryMarker.gif Avery Carrington
Four Iron
CortezMarker.gif Colonel Cortez
Treacherous Swine
Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG
Demolition Man Mall Shootout Line.PNG
Line.PNG Joint.gif Line2.PNG Joint10.gif
Line.PNG Guardian Angels Waste the Wife
Line.PNG Joint4.gif Joint2.gif Line.PNG
Line.PNG DiazMarker.gif Ricardo Diaz
The Chase
Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG
Line.PNG Phnom Penh '86 Line.PNG
Joint9.gif Joint5.gif Joint3.gif Line.PNG
Two Bit Hit Sir, yes Sir The Fastest Boat Line.PNG
Line.PNG Line.PNG Joint.gif Joint10.gif
CubansMarker.gif Umberto Robina
Stunt Boat Challenge
Line.PNG Supply & Demand Autocide
Joint6.gif Joint3.gif Joint4.gif Joint3.gif Line.PNG
HaitansMarker.gif Auntie Poulet
Juju Scramble
Cannon Fodder KentPaulMarker.gif Kent Paul
Death Row
Line.PNG Line.PNG Joint6.gif Joint3.gif Line.PNG
Bombs Away! Naval Engagement All Hands on Deck VercettiMarker.gif Tommy Vercetti
Rub Out
Line.PNG Line.PNG Joint6.gif Joint7.gif Joint10.gif
Dirty Lickin's Line.PNG LoveFistMarker.gif Love Fist
Love Juice
Shakedown 1) Check out at the Check-In
Joint4.gif Joint3.gif Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG
Trojan Voodoo Psycho Killer Bar Brawl Loose Ends 2)
Joint6.gif Joint8.gif Line.PNG
BikergangMarker.gif Mitch Baker
Alloy Wheels of Steel
Copland 3)
Messing with the Man
Hog Tied
Joint4.gif Joint2.gif
Publicity Tour

Shakedown 1)
Joint.gif Joint5.gif Joint5.gif Joint5.gif Joint2.gif
Line.PNG BoatyardMarker.gif Boatyard CherryPoppersMarker.gif Cherry Poppers PolePositionMarker.gif Pole Position SunshineGarageMarker.gif Sunshine Garage
Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG
Line.PNG Checkpoint Charlie Distribution Lap dance Import Garage
Vice Street Racer
Joint4.gif Joint5.gif Joint5.gif Joint5.gif Joint2.gif
PrintworksMarker.gif Print Works KaufmanCabsMarker.gif Kaufman Cabs FilmStudiosMarker.gif Interglobal Films MalibuMarker.gif Malibu Club
Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG
Spilling the Beans V.I.P. Recruitment Drive No Escape?
Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG
Five completed assets 3)
Hit the Courier Friendly Rivalry Dildo Dodo The Shootist 2)
Joint.gif Joint8.gif Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG
Cap the Collector Cabmageddon Martha’s Mug Shot The Driver
Line.PNG Line.PNG Line.PNG
Keep your Friends Close G-Spotlight The Job
Joint6.gif Joint8.gif
PhilMarker.gif Phil Cassidy
Gun Runner
Boomshine Saigon


1) You can buy assets after completing the mission 'Shake Down'.
2) The mission 'Loose Ends' will be available after completing the missions 'Check out at the Check In' and 'The Shootist'.
3) To start the final two missions, you have to complete the mission 'Copland', at least five assets and the missions of the Print Works.

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