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reconstruction of the original Vice City.

This page lists the outtakes of GTA Vice City; features that didn't make it into the game.

Vice Street Racer map

The Vice Street Racer map in the basement of the Sunshine Garage shows an earlier design of Vice City. Notice that the maps in the trashcans in Angel Pine, San Andreas also depict this unused version.

Notable differences are:

  • Fort Baxter Air Base is much larger
  • A large part of the beach, including the part where you find the Top Fun-mission 'Bandit Race', is missing.
  • The Hyman Memorial Stadium is missing
  • The area with the lighthouse is missing
  • Several roads in Downtown are missing
  • The bridge north of Starfish Island is bent
  • There is a small inlet near the wharf in Vice Port, turning Vice Port into a peninsula.
The original Fort Baxter Air Base.

Fort Baxter Air Base

The most notable difference is the airport where Fort Baxter Air Base should be. Fort Baxter Air Base was probably planned to be a large air base, as the name implies. The 'ghost tower' seems to be the control tower of the military runway. You can see the lay out of the original Fort Baxter Air Base by using a trainer with jetpack to fly over the base without the island being loaded.

Pastor Richards

Pastor Richards was planned as a mission boss, but voice actor David Green died during the production of GTA Vice City, sadly enough. Pastor Richards still can be heard on VCPR: Pressing Issues and he is briefly seen in the mission The Party.

Unused interiors

Several interiors in GTA Vice City are not used.

Love Fist concert hall

Although the concert hall which Love Fist uses in Vice City can be seen in the mission Publicity Tour, the backstage area of the interior remains unseen. It contains some music instruments and a Sprunk drinks machine.

Howlin Pete's Bike Emporium

Howlin Pete's Bike Emporium

Opposite the Greasy Chopper you'll find the clothes store 'Howlin Pete's Bike Emporium'. This store contains a small interior, resembling the interior of the store where the Haitan-outfit spawns. Perhaps a biker-outfit was planned, which would spawn here. The interior is located behind the door and can be entered with a trainer with jetpack.

Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory kantoor

Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory office

Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory contains an unused office behind the back wall of the interior. As Howlin Pete's Bike Emporium, it can be entered with a trainer with jetpack.

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