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GTA San Andreas contains more then 140 hidden interiors, spread over 17 'heavens'. Among the interiors you'll find some interesting and unused buildings. It is possible to visit those interiors, but first you should understand how this universe works, due to the complexity of the hidden interiors universe of GTA San Andreas .

You can find a map of all hidden interiors in GTA San Andreas here.


The interiors universe of GTA San Andreas is diveded into 17 seperate groups of interiors. Those groups are called 'Heavens', because they are located high in the sky. When you enter a interior, every interior in that heaven will be loaded (That's why you can see Ammu-Nation through the mirror in the barber). Interiors in another heaven are invisible, but it is possible to 'transfer' between heavens using markers. In some heavens you'll find one or more yellow doormarkers, which will take you to an interior in another heaven.

Every heaven has it's own name, letter and number. The number is the 'official' script-ID, but the name and letter have been given by fans. Because the names and letters are the most frequently used designations, those are used on WikiGTA. The normal world (including Blue hell) is called 'Heaven K'.

Name Letter ID Color
Ganton Gym Heaven A 5 Markergeel.gif
Brothel Heaven B 3 Markerrood.gif
B Dup's Crack Heaven C 2 Markerblauw.gif
Ammu-Nation Heaven D 7 Markergroen.gif
Liberty City Heaven E 1 Markeroranje.gif
Burger Shot Heaven F 10 Markerlichtblauw.gif
ZIP Heaven G 18 Markerturkoois.gif
Rusty Heaven H 17 Markerbeige.gif
Los Santos tattoo Heaven I 16 Markerzwart.gif
Binco Heaven J 15 Markergrijs.gif
Normal world / Blue Hell K 0 Markerwit.gif
Thief Heaven L 4 Markerpaars.gif
Macisla Heaven M 12 Markerroze.gif
RC Heaven N 6 Markerfelgroen.gif
The Colonel's Heaven O 8 Markerbruin.gif
Cluckin' Bell Heaven P 9 Markerfelrood.gif
Misty Heaven Q 11 Markerzalm.gif
Wardrobe Heaven R 14 Markergeelgroen.gif

The Ganton Gym Glitch

Because all interiors in a heaven are loaded at the same time, it is possible to reach another interior when you can trick the game into thinking you haven't left the first interior. You can do this by leaving an interior through a unsolid wall with the jetpack. Because you didn't use the door marker, the game thinks you're still in the first interior. One of the interiors with a unsolid wall is the Ganton Gym. When you are inside, you press the code for the jetpack and fly to the ceiling in the corner above the door. You'll fly straight through the ceiling, into the hidden interior universe (Heaven A).

K- or Gym-aligned?

Exacte deviation of the Gym-alignment

There are two ways of showing interiors on a map: 'K-aligned' and 'Gym-aligned'. The map with all interiors is K-aligned. This means all interiors are marked on their true locations (= according to Heaven K; K-aligned). This seems like the most logical way of showing interiors on a map, but K-aligned maps aren't always useful. When you enter a building, you will be teleported to the location of the interior, but your location on the ingame map stays the same (because it has to look like your in the building). Thus, the ingame map will have a deviation. Because the most frequently used interior to get into the hidden interiors universe, most interiors will be shown with the deviation of the Ganton Gym interior (= Gym-aligned).

To illustrate this: When you look at the interior of the Ganton Gym on the map (somewhere between Blueberry and Montgomery, you will see that the interior isn't located in the building in Ganton, Los Santos. The deviation between the to alignments is shown on the right of this page.

The 'Red Zone'

Most interiors in the hidden interior universe are located above the maximum fly-height. If you want to use the jetpack at this height, you'll have to shoot the people in the Ganton Gym (the reason for this is unknown). However, some areas will still drag you down when you try to fly through them. This area is known as the 'Red Zone'. The Red Zone is located above water: you can't fly above the height limit above water. Interiors are very hard or impossible to reach by jetpack, so you'll have to use a teleportation trainer to reach them.

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