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Challenge in GTA San Andreas
Hunter Quarry
Quarry missions
Requires Explosive Situation
Location Marker Bone County
Goal Complete 7 levels
Reward Total of $29,000.=
An Asset of $2,000.=
A Dozer and Dumper spawn in the Quarry

Mission 1

At the start of this mission you will have to use the Dozer to move seven big rocks from the paths in the Quarry. Do this within the 3:30 minutes which have been given to you, as the paths need to be cleared before the new delivery comes in. Be careful not to fall of the paths, the Dozer will get back on it's wheels but you can't afford the time to drive back up. When you complete the mission, you get $500 for it.


Start of the mission.
Move the rocks in the markers.
Mission accomplished.

Mission 2

The competition has planted four bombs in the Quarry, which need to be pushed to a safe place to detonate. Use the Dozer to do this, but be careful to back up soon enough before the barrels explode.

  • The first bomb is behind the office at the entrance of the Quarry.
  • The second bomb is in front of the crane.
  • The third bomb is near a cement mill.
  • The last bomb is between two machine presses.

Keep a close look at the time, although it shouldn't be much of a problem completing it in time. If you pass the mission, you will be rewarded with $1,000.


Start of the mission.
Move the bombs in the markers.
Mission accomplished.

Mission 3

Four bombs have been stolen from the Quarry by people in a Dumper. They're escaping so it's up to you to catch up and eliminate them. To do this, you also get a Dumper and an 8 minute timer. Follow them and when you're close, drive next to them and do a drive-by. The Dumper shouldn't take very long to catch fire and when it explodes, you've passed the mission. The reward for this mission is $2,000.


Get in the Dumper.
Pursuit the other Dumper.
Mission accomplished.

Mission 4

They caught the three people who stole the bombs. They're dead now, packed in a body bag, lieing in a Dumper. Use the Sanchez to drive to the Dumper, which is located in the back of the Quarry. The Dumper has to be driven into the Quarry so the bodies can be destroyed. Also, this has to be done within 4 minutes, because else the police will suspect something and the mission is failed.
Drive very cautious and don't bumb into things as the bodies will fall of the Dumper and the mission will be failed. Once inside the Quarry, drive all the way down until you see a fire burning. This is where the bodies have to be dumped in.
Position the Dumper in a way that the back is facing the fire and press the R3-button for the PS2 or the 2-button for PC. This will make the bodies fall out of the Dumper and into the fire. If you succeed, you are rewarded with $3,000.


Get on the Sanchez.
Continue with the Dozer.
Drive back to the entrance.
Drive through the marker downwards.
Dump the bodies into the fire.
Mission accomplished.

Mission 5

There are six explosives in the Dumper, which have to be driven to your own airstrip in the desert. Again, drive very cautious as the explosives fall out if you don't. When you arrive at the airstrip, drive all the way to the end and dump the explosives in the given area. The soft sand will prevent the explosives from exploding. After passing the mission, you are rewarded with $5,000.


Get in the Dumper.
Drive carefully to the marker.
Dump the barrels.

Mission 6

A Dumper has dumped all of it's explosives on a train track, and there's a train arriving in three minutes. It's up to you to push all the explosives off the track with a Dozer and that has to be finished before the train arrives. There are a total of ten explosives on the tracks. If the train doesn't explode, you are rewarded with $7,500.


Get in the Dozer.
Push all the barrels of the track.
Mission accomplished.

Mission 7

A policeofficer has been murdered, and all evidence has to be destroyed. Use the Dozer to push the police-officer to the designated area and do the same for his bike. When you're done with that, enter the crane and use the magnet to pick up the bike and body. How to do this will be explained on your screen. Dump the bike and body into the Dumper which is next to the crane. Exit the crane and step into the Dumper. Yet again, drive very careful towards the entrance of the Quarry, go via the freeway to the designated area near the water. Make sure you are not hit by any cars while crossing the highway. When you're near the water, position the Dumper in a way so the back is facing the water and dump the bike and body. If you manage to do this within 8 minutes, you've completed the mission and are rewarded $10,000.


Start of the mission.
Get in the Dozer.
Go to the crane.
Get in the crane.
Move the body and motorcycle in the back of the Dumper.
Get in the Dumper.
Drive out of the Quarry.
Dump the evidence into the water.
Mission accomplished.
Quarry complete.

This was the last mission. Now, the Quarry will generate up to $2,000 a day, which you can pick up at any time of the day. The Dozer and Dumper are now available to pick up.

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