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The colored map of Los Santos, which marks the gang areas.

Gangterritories consists of areas, which ofcourse are managed by a gang. In the mission Doberman you will have your first encounter with these areas. In this mission, given by Sweet, you have to take over Glen Park from the Ballas. After this mission, you will be able to start gangwars to gain territory whenever you like.

This option is only available for a certain time, because after the mission The Green Sabre all areas will dissapear and therefore you can't start gangwars anymore. But don't be sad, because the option will return after the mission Home Coming. Sweet will be released from prison and asks CJ to bring him back to Grove Street (The Hood). There they will find Grove Street, which is under control of the Ballas. This is too much for Sweet, so he asks CJ to help him taking back the area. You will need this for more missions, because Los Santos is under the control of the Ballas and the Los Santos Vagos. Gangterritories are also the working areas of crack dealers, you'll only see them in these areas, besides that there ain't much of crack business from crack dealers.

How do I conquer an area?

You have to be prepared when you are planning to start a gang war. So you have to have powerful weapons, like a M4, minigun, molotov cocktails, MP5, etc. Body armor is also useful. Go to the area you want to conquer. First look for a good place to position yourself, like a roof. Search for some gangmembers from the gang which controls the area. Kill at least three members and you will get the message that you have started a gangwar. If you missed the message and you aren't sure if the gangwar has started, look at the radar below. If the area blinks red, the gangwar has been started! Now the most difficult part will start: conquer the area itself. There will be three waves of attacking gangmembers. Kill them all and Grove Street members will take control of the area.

It is possible a rival gang wants to take back their areas and attacks on of your areas. In that case, a message in the top of the screen will notify you and the area under attack will blink. You can prevent losing the area by killing al rival gang members in the area. An other way is to save the game before you lose the area, this can be handy when you don't want to have a gangwar. As long as a gang has at least one area left, it will be able to attack you. When you totally eliminate a gang, it will be gone forever and never attack you again.

Screenshots of the different steps

The Ammu-Nation
Start of the gangwar
Survided the first wave
This hood is yours!

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