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GTA San Andreas Freight Missions
Brown Streak
Requires Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Brown Streak or Freight
Goal complete 2 levels
Reward level 1: $750.=
level 2: $1,500.=
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Wait at a random railway station until a train arrives and take over the drivers position by entering the locomotive. It is your goal to deliver freight within limited time to the next station. You have to hit the throttle and make sure you will get to the next station within a time limit. When you've stopped the train exactly in the red marker you will have to go to the next station. For each level you will have to drive all the way around San Andreas and visit all five stations. For level 1 you will have to stop at the five stations for $150 per freight and for level two you will have to stop at the five stations for $300 per freight. Operate the throttle with [W] for the PC or Cross for the PS2 and slow down with [S] for PC or Square for the PS2. When you reach the stations within a reasonable time 15 seconds will be added to the time limit. You don't have to start and complete level 2 right after level 1, meanwhile you can save your progress. Anyway the mission stops after level 1 so you have to start level 2 apart by yourself.


  • It's recommended to have some speed at the moment you start this mission, this can make it easier to reach the next station in time.
  • Make sure the speed of the train is about 45 to 50, because above the 50 it will definitively derail.
  • Slowing down correctly at the stations needs some practice. At the right-side of your screen is a counter which indicates the remaining distance. With a speed of around 45 release the throttle and brake at a distance of 300 before the station. Your goal is to stop the locomotive into the red marker, when you passed the marker use the brake-button to drive a bit backwards.


The first time you complete this mission (level 2) will be rewarded with $50,000.=. Than you can restart level 2 as often as you like, so you will only have to go around San Andreas one time and make a stop at the five stations, this will be rewarded with $10,000.= each time.


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