Taxi Driver (GTA San Andreas)

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GTA San Andreas Taxi Driver
Requires Cabbie or Taxi
Goal 50 fares
Reward All taxis are equipped with nitro.
Instead of using the horn the taxi will now bounce up.
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Carl Johnson is gonna work as a taxi driver, you have to complete 50 fares. Pedestrians who are looking for a ride are waiting along the sidewalk and are indicated with a blue marker, they will get in by them self when you're close enough. You have to bring them to their destination, which they'll tell you after they get in. The locating will be indicated on the map and radar with a yellow blip. You have a specified amount of time for dropping off your clients, depending of the distance. Once you dropped a person within this time limit you will earn money. Besides the time limit there's also a white tip-bar which indicates the amount of tip you receive when you drop your client at it's destination. This tip-bar will decrease by time and by the amount of damage inflicted to your taxi. So with high speed and no damage you'll get more tip. When you have completed 50 fares all taxis will be equipped with nitro. When you use the button which is normally used to sound the horn the taxi will hop: [Caps-Lock] for the PC or press the left analogue stick for PS2 and XBOX. You don't have to complete the 50 fares in a row, you can also do 5 or 10 fares at a time and stop for a while, and continue another time. Try to complete multiples of five fares, because you will earn bonuses every 5 fares. After 5 fares this bonus is $500 and after 10 fares $1,000, so after each 5 fares the bonus will increase with $500, this could result in a total bonus of $27,500.= when the 50 fares are done in a row.


  • Drive calm and when you have enough time you can make a pit stop at a Marker Pay 'n' Spray to repair your taxi, when necessary.
  • Use the in-game map and marker: Marker to plan a quick and short route to the destinations.


Begin of the mission.
Drive to the destination.
Drive into the marker.
Extra tip for the quick service.
Extra bonus for every multiple of 5 fares.
Mission passed: Nitro!

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