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GTA San Andreas Pimping
Requires Broadway
Goal complete 10 levels
Reward prostitutes pay CJ for sex
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The intention is playing a pimp by giving your 'girls' taxi services to their customers. You'll have to pick up a girl to bring her to a man, who is her customer. When you dropped her you'll have to pick up another girl to bring her to another customer. Meanwhile the first girl will be finished with her customer and you have to pick her up. There's no time limit when you have to pick up a girl who's indicated with a blue blip, there's a time limit of 3 minutes to deliver your girl to her customer. For each time you pick up a girl you'll be rewarded with a share of her income, except the first time you pick up a girl when you just started this mission. Sometimes your girls will need your help if a customer refuses to pay or becomes aggressive, in these cases you will get a 3 minutes time limit to kill that customer. These customers will be indicated with a red blip on your radar and a red arrow above their heads. During these situations you can leave your Broadway without a time limit to return to your car, normally you'll have a time limit of 20 seconds to get back into your Broadway. But be aware to stay close to your car when chasing such a customer, after you killed him you only have 20 seconds to get back into your Broadway.


  • When there are no troubles with a girl you have to pick up you won't have a time limit. This can be a good opportunity to repair your Broadway at a local Pay 'n' Spray, indicated with a Marker.


  • Having sex with a prostitute can benefit CJ's health after sustaining injuries or whatsoever that could have decreased his health.
  • Although this mission can be started anywhere in San Andreas it will actually take place in one of the three big cities: Los Santos, San Fierro or Las Venturas. Generally vehicle-missions aren't bounded by location, but if you start this mission in the Badlands or Desert you'll have to drive to the nearest big city in order to get going with your job as a pimp.


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