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GTA San Andreas Firefighter
Fire Truck
Requires Fire Truck with water cannon
Goal complete 12 levels
Reward fireproof and $13,450.=
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You'll start at level 1 and you've to reach and pass level 12. You have to extinguish burning vehicles, which are indicated on your radar. When you have extinguished the vehicles, burning people will get out of the car. They will start running and it might be difficult to extinguish them, because you have to control both the Fire Truck and the water canon on top of the cabin. After every level you complete you'll get some time and money. This mission can only be done with the Fire Truck with the water canon on top of the cabin and not with the Fire Truck with the ladder (which Frank Tenpenny uses in the last mission).


  • There are only fire trucks at the fire departments in the three big cities. Make sure you start the mission in a quiet part of the city with wide roads and without heavy traffic. It's also possible to travel to another small village with the fire truck and start the mission over there, but keep in mind that the truck isn't made for climbing over mountains and that it easily flips on it's side.
  • Stay calm so you won't hit cops, or you'll get a wanted level and they will try to pull you out of your truck, and make your way through the levels.
  • When you want to do this mission in one of the villages, you can get the Fire Truck by starting a fire with molotov cocktails or a flamethrower.
  • Approach a burning car as close as possible before you extinguish it, so the car will be extinguished fast and the persons inside will be easier to extinguish.


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