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GTA San Andreas contains a large amount of easter eggs. This page contains a list of all easter eggs, look-a-likes and myths. Click here for a detailed map with all major easter eggs.

Easter eggs

Screenshot Link Description
Gant Bridge Gant Bridge Several easter eggs can be found on and near the Gant Bridge. On top of the south pillar you'll find the text "There are no easter eggs up here. Go away". additionally, an actual piece of the bridge cable and a sign with some humorous facts can be seen near the 'boring' Gant Bridge museum in San Fierro.
Action figures Action figures Action figures of Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance from GTA Vice City and James Earl Cash of Manhunt are sold at Zero's RC Shop.
Opposition Memorial Opposition Memorial At the Opposition Memorial in San Fierro, numorous gravestones with the text 'RIP Opposition 1997 - 2004' and the Rockstar Games seal can be found.
Wardrobe Wardrobe Your Wardrobe contains a surfboard with an image of Vice City.
Area 69 Area 69 Area 69 parodies Area 51, but it is also based on the Black Mesa Research Facility from Half-Life. Gordon Freemans crowbar can be seen in one of the underground laboratories.
Wheelchair Palomino Creek The town Palomino Creek contains several easter eggs. An abandoned rusty wheelchair is located on the jetty in Fisher's Lagoon. The church features a 24-7 drive-through confession chair and Scott Wilsons gravestone can be seen in the graveyard.
Body bags Body bags A big hole containing six body bags can be found near Area 69. A Bobcat, probably used to dump the bodies, is parked nearby.
The World's Biggest CockCock Rock The World's Biggest Cock The World's Biggest Cock, a large mechanical rooster, and Cock Rock, a rock in the shape of a penis, are both located in Las Payasadas.
Flint County woman Flint County woman The head of a woman can be seen on the map of San Andreas
Starkweathers Estate blueprint Las Venturas Planning Department The Las Venturas Planning Department contains the blueprint of Starkweathers mansion from Manhunt and a model of Caligula's Palace with the Rockstar Games logo.
Atrium Atrium A masturbating statue can be seen in the Atrium in Los Santos.
Dildo in the showers LSPD Headquarters The showers of the Police department of Los Santos and Dillimore contain a large purple dildo. You'll also find wanted posters of James Earl Cash, the protagonist of Manhunt, here.
Blowjob Ballas blowjob During a cutscene of the mission Cleaning the Hood, a Balla can be seen getting a blow job.
Garcer Gas Garcer Gas Carcer Gas cylinders can be found at several locations.
Jesus Saves and the Cerberus Foot Officer Bar In the bar, wall paintings of the Cerberus Foot Officer from Manhunt and the text Jesus saves from GTA2 can be seen. You'll also see signs with the text 'Notre Dame' and 'Beware of pickpockets and loose women'.
Old Pisssh 24-7 24-7 sells 'Old Pisssh', Love Fists 'Love Juice' and Cherry Poppers ice cream.
Tiki Theater Tiki Theater The Tiki Theater in Los Santos has a sign in the shape of a Hidden Package of GTA Vice City
LSD Los Santos Delivery Los Santos Delivery abbreviates to LSD, a hard drug.
The Hydra DMA Design The abbreviation DMA, which is the former name of Rockstar North, can be seen on the Hydra.
Michelles tools Michelles tools Michelle Cannes has some interesting tools in her garage.
Vice City maps Vice City maps Vice City maps are thrown in two bins in Angel Pine.
True Grime True Grime Street Cleaners Several bill boards read True Grime Street Cleaners, a mocking reference to the competing game 'True Crime: Streets of LA'.
A Taste of Come A taste of come At the end of the mission Reuniting the Families, Big Smoke crashes his car through a Sprunk bill board. From then, the bill board reads A taste of come.
Hostes ad pulverem ferire Hostes ad pulverem ferire The Starballs Demolition company has the slogan "Hostes ad pulverem ferire" (incorrect Latin for 'Pulverize the enemy'). The same text was used on the courtyard in GTA Vice City.
Max Pane bulletproof glass Max Pane bulletproof glass The window of the petrol station of the mission Tanker Commander reads Max Pane bulletproof glass, a reference to Max Payne. Although the sign says 'bulletproof', several bullet holes are shot in the glass.
CJD-500 CJD-500 The game console in the Johnson House is based on the SEGA Megadrive. It has a PlayStation-based controller.
Los Santos Northstar Rock The name Northstar Rock (Los Santos) is off course an obvious reference to Rockstar North.
CJ target CJ Target Targets in the shape of Carl Johnson can be seen in some Ammu-Nation shops.
Playing cards Playing cards The Playing cards in The Casino, The Four Dragons and Caligula's Palace show characters of GTA III and GTA Vice City.
Biohazard well Biohazard well A fenced-off well with biohazard warnings is located behind the SPRUNK factory in Montgomery.
Jackson 5 The Jackson 5 Photo's of the Jackson 5 can be seen in Reeces Hair Facial Studio.
Targeting the moon Moon enlargement By shooting the moon with a sniper rifle, you can change its size.
Rockstar Games constellation Rockstar Games constellation A constellation in the shape of the Rockstar Games logo can be seen at night.
Taste the Cock Taste the Cock The text 'Taste the Cock' is written on the back of Cluckin' Bell employees.
Disgraceland advert Disgraceland Wedding Chapel The Disgraceland Wedding Chapel is named after 'Graceland', Elvis Presleys estate.
Tanner, you suck! During the mission Madd Dogg's Rhymes, a guard remarks: "Tanner, you suck!" while he is playing a video game. Tanner is the protagonist of the game 'Driver'.
Vice City Marina The ramps used during the Boat school missions are also used in GTA Vice City.


  • Eazy-E
  • LL Cool J
  • O-Dog
  • Sharon Stone
  • Trey
  • Valentino Rossi


Los Santos Los Angeles
San Fierro San Fransisco
Las Venturas Las Vegas
Ganton Compton
Vinewood Hollywood
Gant Bridge Golden Gate Bridge
Garver Bridge San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Kincaid Bridge Forth Bridge
Pleasure Domes Castillo de San Joaquin
Wizard of Ass Wizard of Oz
Sherman Dam Hoover Dam
Sunny Sony
Big Pointy Building Transamerican Pyramid
Caligula's Palace Ceasar's Palace
The Camel's Toe Luxor Hotel
The Casino The Casino
The Visage The Mirage
Pirates in Men's Pants Treasure Island Casino
Come-a-Lot Excalibur
Royal Casino Casino Royale
The Clown's Pocket Las Vegas Circus
Area 69 Area 51
Lil' Probe'Inn Little A'Le'Inn
San Andreas fault San Andreas fault
Zombotech Corporation Umbrella Corporation
Windy, Windy, Windy, Windy Street Lombard Street
Hippy Shopper Happy Shopper
24-7 7-Eleven
Pier 69 Pier 39
Sprunk Sprite
Eris Nike
Jefferson Towers Watts Towers
USS Numnutz USS Nimitz
Grotti Ferrari
Biglogs Cock-O-Pops Kellogs Choco Pops
SubStandard SubWay

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