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Asset in front of the Johnson House.

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GTA San Andreas includes many businesses, of which some are accessible. These businesses may also offer you services, like restaurants, clothing stores or the Ammu-Nation may be of importance. Finally there are also businesses, so-called assets, which provide you new missions in exchange for money.


The assets in GTA San Andreas are similar to those of GTA Vice City. After completing a set of missions for one business, a dollar pick-up will appear. This pick-up will give you money, which depends on the business and how long you wait. The value of the pick-up can be no higher than $10.000,=. By walking through the pick-up, CJ will collect the money and reset the pick-up to $0,-. It is recommended to visit your assets once in a while, so you can keep collecting your money.

You can find a map of all assets here.

Image Name Daily profit Missions
The Johnson House The Johnson House $10.000,= Home Coming
Roboi's Food Mart Roboi's Food Mart $2.000,= Courier
RS Haul RS Haul $2.000,= Trucking
The Hippy Shopper Hippy Shopper $2.000,= Courier
Zero's RC Shop Zero's RC Shop $5.000,= Air Raid
Supply Lines
New Model Army
Wang Cars Wang Cars $8.000,= Zeroing In
Test Drive
Customs Fast Track
Puncture Wounds
Vank Hoff Hotel Vank Hoff Hotel $2.000,= Valet Parking
Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard $10.000,= Flight School
Black Project
Green Goo
Hunter Quarry Hunter Quarry $2.000,= 7 quarry missions
Burger Shot Redsands Burger Shot Redsands $2.000,= Courier

Other businesses


Government & Transport

Food & Nightlife

Appearance & Sports

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