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QUB³D arcade machine
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Goal High score of 10,950
Reward "King of QUB3D" Trophy / Achievement
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QUB³D (sometimes written as QUB3D or QUBED) is a video game in Grand Theft Auto IV which you can play on an arcade machine. The game is made by Rockstar Norh and is probably based on Tetris. The goal is to put cubes of the same colour next to each other. When there are at least 4 cubes of the same colour vertically or horizontally next to each other, they will disappear and you will get some points. If you want to get the highscore number one, you need to get 10 950 points. You can get in the top 10 highscores before you have this great score, but then you will not get the percentages and the Achievement / Trophy "King of QUB3D". The highest score is not so difficult to get, it's just a matter of patience. When the cubes get to the top of the grid, the game will end and the score you have on that moment will be your score. The cubes will always fall in pares of 2. First there will be only three kinds of colours: green, blue en red. From the moment you get at level 5, yellow cubes will come. At level 10 there will come pink cubes, and at level 15 orange cubes.


To get a high score faster, you can use specials. You will start with an empty powerbeam. Per cube you make with 4 cubes, the powerbeam will increase with one cube. When you get 4 cubes, you will have the possibility to make cubes. You can use the specials with for buttons. Cross.gif, Square.gif, Triangle.gif and Circle.gif on the PS3. or Bbutton.gif, Abutton.gif, Xbutton.gif and Ybutton.gif on the Xbox 360. Every button stands for one special, to activate a special you need to press the button which has the same colour of the special. Here is a overview of all the specials:

Special 1 QUB3D.jpg: with this special, you can let the three rows at the bottom disappear. You can use this special with Circle.gif or Bbutton.gif.

Special 2 QUB3D.jpg - Special 2 Xbox QUB3D.jpg: with this special, you can let the three middle columns disappear. You can use this special with Cross.gif or Abutton.gif.

Special 3 QUB3D.jpg - Special 3 Xbox QUB3D.jpg: with this special, you can choose a colour. The cubes with the colour you choose will disappear if you use this special. This comes in very handy when you almost reach the top. You can use this special with Square.gif or Xbutton.gif.

Special 4 QUB3D.jpg - Special 4 Xbox QUB3D.jpg: with this special, you can let the cubes go downstairs slower, so you have more time to think about the place where you can put them. Although, there is an easier way to think about the place where you can put the cubes. By pressing Left1.gif or the left shoulderbutton. If you press this button, the game will ask you to quit the game, and, then you can see where there is space to put the cubes. Cancel the question and play the game further. You can use this special with Triangle.gif or Ybutton.gif.

Hints and tips

  • Use specials, these are handy if you do not know what to do.
  • Save your specials for later if you don't need them.
  • When you have a pair of cubes, you can let one disappear by let them go down horizontally and when the cube you want to keep can't go down anymore, you do the left analogue stick to the left or to the right, so the cube you don't need any more will get on the other cube and will disappear.


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QUB³D Arcade Machine
QUB³D Arcade Machine
QUB³D Arcade Machine
QUB³D Arcade Machine
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