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Grand Theft Auto IV contains a complete virtual internet with a lot of websites. In the internet café tw@ you can surf on the internet.

Tip: On the Playstation 3 you can type in web-adresses by connecting an USB-keyboard at your PS3.

Description Dating website Website of lawyers Goldberg Ligner & Shyster Carshop website Website of the newspaper Liberty Tree Website of the news channel Weazel News Website about coffee Website with tips about traveling. Website about Burger Shot Website about Rusty Browns Ring Donuts Website with expensive ringtones, themes en SFX for your mobile phone Website about a shop with furniture, based on Ikea Online forum where people can sell there junk, or date people. This website is a parody on Website with news of Liberty City Website with gossips about celebrities Website about the soda drink Srunk Website about the tourist places in Liberty City Mail-order bride website Website where you can buy pills Website to get in contact with old high school friends Website to make money, probably illegal Wesbite to get babies, without getting pregnant Blog Website to become a handmodel. Website with weird suggestions of names for a baby Website of the cigarettes Redwood Website about Biglogs - parody on the cornflakes brand Kellogg's Website about Liberty City Real Estate Website about the theme park Glory Hole Website about Fruit Computers - parody on Apple Website about chiropractice Website about outsource Website with plot theories Website to buy steroids Plotwebsite about the Easter Islands Website about the Mexican robot who does household chores Website to find people who want to replay the American Civil War Website about baseball Website to buy last minute vacations Website about the modding of your computer Website to make profiles and keep in touch with each other, like MySpace Peer 2 Peer download website Pokerwebsite Website where you can find friends to write letters to Website of Arthrob where you can find information about museums Website where they don't want women to shave herself Old clothing for low prizes Website where they tell you how good it is to smoke, sponsored by Redwood cigarettes Website about the film Dragon Brain Domain that is for sell for one million dollar Website of an online MMORPG game, like World of Warcraft Website where people are fans of fisting, but not of Love Fist Parody of online virtual lives, like Second Live Website for digeridoo fans Website where they say that eating meat is good, and vegetarians are bad Website about Pißwasser beer Website with tips to cremate someone yourself Website where they raise money to get radio presenter James Pedeaston (known of The Wild Traveler in GTA San Andreas) liberated out of prison in Bali. This website is a parody on (to free Kevin Mitnick). Website about Brucie Kibbutz' lifestyle Computer program that should keep away spyware, but your personal information will be sold Website to adopt animals Make free calls on the internet - parody on Skype Online shop for Asian clothing A website that gives you alibi's, complete with flyingtickets, hotel- and car rental bills to let your wife think you don't cheat, but that you are golfing in San Andreas. A website about eating much, and then vomit, so you keep thin Website about the shoesmaker Eris A website to upload films - parody on YouTube Company that sells robots to help you Website for tabletpc fans Website of the Fly High Pizza Pier restaurant Website where you can let someone else do your homework, for some money Website where you can buy babies, who are genetic manipulated Website to buy pills Website where you can share photos Website about the Open Source control system Eunux - parody on Linux Website about the stopped radio station Area 53 Website where you can watch to ants live Conservative website with sexual education tips Website of LCPD - The police database is accessible too Locations of the Flying Rats, Stunt Jumps and more Website with child models, if you visit this website you will get a wanted level of four stars Website where they teach you to make tomatoes, but actually it's about making weed Website of the Bank of Liberty

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