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Even before GTA IV was released, there were a few easter eggs discovered in the screenshots and trailers.

Afbeelding Link Beschrijving
America's next top hooker America's next top hooker In the first trailer, you can see a billboard advertising the television show "America's next top hooker". This is a parody on the T.V. program "America's next top model".
GTA artwork graffiti GTA artwork graffiti In the second trailer, Niko sneaks along a wall with artwork of the previous GTAs. From the left to the right: motor of the GTA Vice City cover, El Burro, the whole GTA III cover and a Yardie.
Cher kov Cher kov On one of the screenshots, Niko is in front of the Russian "Cherekov" fabric. The second E is however dropped of the board, so there is 'Cher kov'. That is pronounced as 'Jerk off'.
N.O.O.S.E N.O.O.S.E A certain police-unit in Liberty City is known under the shortening N.O.O.S.E. (National Organization of Security Enforcement).

The total word noose, is very appropriate for a police unit which fight crime.

Gruppe 6 Gruppe 6 The company Gruppe Sechs, which is a parody on Gruppe Sieben, which appear in GTA since GTA III. The German name, you have to pronounce as 'group sex'.

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