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After you've completed the mission Truck Hustle, you will have the possibility to do nine Assassinations. Phil will call you to say he knows someone who needs someone like you, Niko. A new Blip will appear on your radar, indicating the position of the payphone where you will be given orders to assassinate someone. The contact, whose name should be "Fixer" (because that's the name that will appear in your phonebook) won't hire you to assassinate someone by calling you on your cellphone, because he's afraid people will be able to track him. Instead you'll have to call The Fixer using a payphone.

When you call him he'll tell you the mission details. He'll give you some ammunition and body armor as well. This could prove very useful in the mission. You aren't obliged to take this equipment, but it may come in handy. After your preparations are finished you'll have to find the person your client wants dead. You can do this by taxi if you don't want to lose time, but you aren't bound to a timelimit. Once you've arrived at the location, you need to kill him and, in some cases, his bodyguards. Sometimes your targets will run. If this is the case you'll have to chase them. The 9 Assassination missions are not needed to complete the storyline, but you'll have to do them for 100% completion and the Achievement / Trophy "Assassin's Greed". The Assassination tasks are randomly assigned.

Hints and tips

  • Always take full Health and Body Armor when you are going to kill a man.
  • Make sure you always have enough weapons and bullets.
  • For some Assassinations you can use a helicopter and land on a rooftop just across the street. Then shoot everybody down with a Sniper Rifle or an Assault Rifle.

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