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After completing No. 1, Brucie will call you. The racers who you have defeated in No. 1 want revenge and Brucie sees this as a chance for Niko to earn some money. Starting this moment, you can call Brucie to start a Race by taking your cellphone (Upbutton.gif), and go to your phonebook. When in your phonebook, select Brucie, and then Race. Brucie will then give the location of a race to you, and a blip with the exact location will display on your radar. Take a fast car, like the Comet, Infernus or Turismo and go to the start of the race. In total, you've got 9 races: 3 on each island. To start a race in Dukes/Broker, you'll have to be in Dukes/Broker. To start a race in Algonquin, you'll have to be on that island, and to start a race in Alderney, you'll have to be in Alderney. Winning all 9 races isn't necessary to go further in the storyline, but it is for 100% game progress. When you have completed the 9 races, ànd 11 times another race, you will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Genetically Superior".


  • When you get a Wanted Level, you'll have to lose it if you want to start the race.
  • Shooting on the other racing cars will lead to a disqualification of the race.
  • Pressing Circle.gif[PS3] or Bbutton.gif[Xbox360] will lead the screen to the next checkpoint.
  • The vehicles your opponents drive in are random, mostly you will have to race against SUVs.

Hints and tips

  • There is a showroom full of Turismos in the area of your penthouse in Algonquin. For an NRG-900, you'll have to go to Westdyke at Alderney.
  • In turns, you can drift with your vehicle. By slowing down in a turn, and then using the handbrake, you will drift. Just before the vehicle stands still, you have to accelerate again so you don't lose time and speed.
  • When the motor of your vehicle is broken and you can't start your car again, you can simply call any number, and your vehicle will start again.

Dukes & Broker

Airport Run

Airport Run

The first race in Broker is in the neighbourhood of Francis International Airport. You start in Willis, and go to the east. You can drive yourself to the first place when you turn good in the first two turns. Specially in the second turn. This a turn that you forget easily and which can cost you a lot of time. Then you will have to make a sort of circle around the airport parking and drive up to the highway. After a while you will have to go off the highway with a sharp turn. Slow down in this turn zo you won't wreck your car or miss this turn. Then you just have to go to go straight on, and just turn left once. Then do this round another 2 times.

South Broker

South Broker

When you want to start this race, make sure you have got a fast car, like the Infernus or Comet. You start at the highway of Broker, in the neighbourhood of the Hombrew Café. People who like to drift will like this parcour, but people who like speed will be disappointed. The streets of Broker are very small and there are much turns, so you can't get much speed. People who can't drift very good should always slow down before the turn. So, you start at the highway and go south. Then you will have to go in so turns, and you can drift, or just slow down and take the turn. In long, right pieces you can get great speed, but in short roads, you'd better go slow for taking the next turn good. You have to do three rounds to get to the finish.

Dukes Boulevard

Dukes Boulevard

This race starts in Steinway. When at the start, you have to go to the south. At the first long road, you can make great speed but watch out for the traffic, because you won't see it when you 'fly' over the 'hillocks'. But slow down early, because you will otherwise miss the first turn. Then you can get great speed again and you have to do some turns again. Then, after a while, you will come at the sharp turn you got in the Airport Run. Again, slow down to take this turn. After this turn, you can take great speed again and finish the first round! In total you will have to do three rounds.

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