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After you have completed the mission Shadow you will have the possibility to do some jobs for Little Jacob. During these missions you will have to bring some packages of Little Jacob and Badman to customers of them. You can start a job by simply calling Little Jacob with your cell phone. Just take your cell phone (Upbutton.gif) and go to your phone book. Select Little Jacob, then Job. Most of the time Little Jacob will tell you to come over to the Homebrew Cafe and get in a car near there. The car will always be a rusty, old car, except for the last job. Then you will get a Huntley Sport, rasta coloured. After getting in the car you will need to go to the customer. Sometimes you will have to be there in a certain time, but other times you will not get a time limit. When arrived, frequently some rival gang members or the police know about it. When a rival gang knows about the deal, you will have to kill each member. When the police does, you will get a wanted level. In total, you will have to complete 10 deals. These jobs are not necessary for the storyline, but they will lead you 2% closer to the 100% game completion. The reward of each job is 250 dollar.

Hints and tips

  • Once you got the package out of the rusty car, you can get out and choose any vehicle you like to get to the place.
  • When you get police attention, simply go to a Pay 'n Spray.
  • Sometimes you will be attacked by a rival gang or pursued by the police. Beginning a mission with full health, body armor and ammo is recommended.


The jobs are given in random order, but the names below are linked to the location.

Cerveza Heights Carstack

After you have picked up the package, you will need to go to Cerveza Heights. Once you have arrived, you will have to exit your vehicle and step into the marker. In a cut scene Niko will stash the package under a container. Suddenly a rival gang appears and starts shooting at you. There will be two on the roof above you, two blocking the entrance of the alley with a car and the last one on top of the car-park attendant's cabin. If you stay close to the wall, the two on the roof will not be immediately able to hit you, but they will get off the roof. So take out the other three quickly before they are in your sight again. Then shoot them. Mission passed.


East Island Tunnel

Get back to Homebrew Cafe for another drug delivery. This time there is a time limit of 45 minutes to get to the appointment. To make sure you get there on time, do not follow the route that the GPS indicates. Instead take the first street left and then again left. Now follow the new calculated route. When you get in the bend next to the blip, you will have to drive over the grass and jump over the tunnel's roof. Drive backwards into the tunnel to the buyer and make the deal. Another delivery made.



Just like the East Island Tunnel delivery, this one has a time limit. After you have picked up the package, there are 30 minutes left to get to the delivery place. Do not stall, because it is a long ride. When you follow the GPS route without getting delayed, you will arrive there with a few seconds left. So getting this scenario when it rains or when there is a lot of traffic will almost make it impossible to get there on time. Get out of your car quickly and make the deal.


Fesitval Towers Meadows Park

This time you have to make a delivery in Meadows Park at the Festival Towers. When you arrive, try to park your car, ready for a quick escape. Then go over to the buyers to close the deal. Once they have got the drugs, the police will arrive and you will get a wanted level 2. The buyers will start to shoot, but do not try to do that yourself. It is way easier to make an escape. When you have lost your wanted level, the mission will be complete.



Pick up the package, get in a vehicle and go over to an alley in Willis to meet the buyers. Park your car once more strategically before making the deal. The police has been informed again. Do not try to raise your wanted level and get out of the searching radius. Five deals made, five deals to go!



Another delivery with a time limit. You have got one hour to get to the blip. Do not follow your GPS, but turn left and then again the first left. Afterwards you can follow the proposed route. Once arrived at the apartment, you have to drive between the pillars to the buyer. $250,= as a reward.


Beechwood City

The last delivery with a time limit. This time it is 25 minutes. You have to go to an old garage in Beechwood City. Get in a car and follow the freeway to the location. Get out to deliver the package.


Meadow Park

Another delivery near Meadow Park, this time next to a church. After you have stashed the drug underneath a container, you will be attacked by a rival gang. Two men have a pump shotgun and three others have a pistol. Try to shoot these three first, then take cover to finish the other couple. A grenade could come in handy here. After that, you have earned another $250,=.


Outlook Park

This time you have to get over to Outlook Park. You have to drop the package under the bridge in the park. Suddenly four gang members will show up, taking cover behind the four corners of the bridge. Kill the enemies on one side on a bridge so you can take cover yourself to eliminate the others. One more delivery left to make.


Meadow Hills

For the occasion, this last delivery will be made in a Huntley Sport, rasta coloured (that is if you have fulfilled these missions in chronological order). For the last time you will have to hide a package for the buyer. Arrived at Meadow Hills, Niko will drop the drugs in a garbage can. Five hostile gang members have noticed you and will try to kill you. Get cover behind the closest lowest wall and take them out one by one. You have passed the final mission and get $250,=.


After you have completed the last delivery, you will receive a text message of Little Jacob. He thanks you for the performed services and says that he and Badman have stopped their drug business. There are too many "Babylons" (police officers) who make the risk too big. You get the Achievement [X360] [PC] or Trophy [PS3] "Courrier Service".

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