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After completing Logging On, Roman will give you a call. He will say you have to check your e-mails because Brucie will send you e-mails with vehicles you have to steal. By reply positively to the e-mail you will get a blip on your radar which is the location of the car you have to steal. In total you have to steal 10 vehicles. When you have stolen a vehicle you will have to get it back to Brucie's Garage and you will get a reward. The amount of the reward depends on the condition of the vehicle: if the vehicle is almost wrecked you will get a very small reward, and if it has a good condition you will get a larger reward. The Exotic Exports are not necessary for the storyline but you will get some money for it, which is handy for in the beginning of the game, and it is necessary for 100% completion.

Hints and tips

  • When your vehicle is wrecked or in a really bad condition you can go to a Pay 'n Spray so the vehicle will be repaired and you will get a larger reward.
  • If you will have to get a vehicle which stands still, you'd better kill the people around it before, because most of the time they will shoot at you when you steal the vehicle.

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