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The beginning

The story begins when Niko Bellic, the main character, arrives in Liberty City. His cousin, Roman Bellic, has told him Liberty City is a true paradise. When he gets there, none of it appears to be true, there is no big mansion and there are no girls around. Roman has not got much money, even worse, because of his gamble addiction he is in dept. he only owns a small taxi company and a very small apartment and therefore Niko decides to help him. Soon Niko will meet a lot of people. He will get his first girlfriend, Michelle, and some new friends, like Brucie. Through Roman Niko meets Vladimir Glebov, who has some jobs for him. Roman discovers that Mallorie is cheating on him with Vladimir, after which Niko kills Vladimir.

That Special Someone, part I

After Niko has killed Vladimir, he will tell Roman what is the real reason why he came to Liberty City. In the past, Niko was in the army, and his unit was very close. Until they were ambushed, and the entire unit was murdered, except Niko and two others. Niko is convinced that one of these two betrayed the unit and he wants to find out which one it was. One of these two lives in Liberty City, and he wants to pay him a visit. He wants to find his Special Someone.

Rivalry with Dimitry

As a result of Vladimir being murdered Niko and Roman are kidnapped by two members of the underworld: Faustin and Dimitri. This way Niko is forced to do some jobs for Faustin, who is rather impulsive and who likes to take out weapons. This friendship will not take long: After a while Dimitri asks Niko to kill Faustin. Earlier Niko was ordered by Faustin to kill Lenny, who was the son of the boss of a very important Russian gang: Kenny Petrovic. To stay alive Niko now has to kill Faustin and this way Dimitri gets possession of the other half of their organisation (the part that first belonged to Faustin). When Niko accomplished this assignment, he wants money. To get it Dimitri orders Niko to go to a warehouse. Little Jacob, who does not trust it, accompanies him. And that is a good thing, because it is a trap. Dimitri is not the only kingpin in the warehouse: Another Russian, named Rodislav Bulgarin, is there as well. In the past Niko did some jobs for Bulgarin. When he smuggled drugs in a boot, it was sunk. Niko swam to save his own life, and got out of it alive, but Bulgarin thinks Niko owns him money. After a shootout Niko escapes. When Roman and Niko arrive at Roman’s apartment, it is on fire. Roman’s taxi company goes up in flames as well. From that moment on Dimitri is a rival of Niko, and he calls him several times to threaten him. Roman is kidnapped by Dimitry, but Niko saves him.


After the fire Mallorie gets Roman and Niko an apartment in Bohan, where Niko meets new people who give him more jobs to do, like Manny Escuela and the drugs dealer Elizabeta Torres. This period of Niko’s life is all about drugs, through his principals. After Niko retrieves Elizabeta’s drugs, there is an unpleasant surprise: Michelle is not Michelle, but Karen and she is a special agent. She was going out with Niko to stop the drug ring. Niko than has to do some jobs for United Liberty Paper, who is also the employer of Karen. Playboy X, who you have met through Elizabeta, introduces you to Dwayne. Dwayne used to be Playboy X’s mentor, but eventually he had no-one any more and went to jail. Eventually Niko has to make a decision: Who will live? Playboy X wants Dwayne dead, but Dwayne does not want to die and asks to kill Playboy X. What will Niko do?

The McReary’s

Niko plays a major part in the life of the McReary family, because he is in touch with everyone. The first one he meets is Packie (Patrick). Niko helps him with some jobs. Niko than meets Kate, who Niko is very fond of and later they are in a relationship. Through Packie Niko meets two of his brothers: Derrick, who has problems and is addicted to heroin and alcohol, and Gerald, who ends up in prison later. They are not all of the brothers, through a phone call Niko gets in touch with Francis. He is a corrupt police officer who blackmails Niko with his past. The family is divided with Packie, Derrick and Gerald on one side and Francis on the other side. They do not speak to each other; they can not even stand one another. Once again Niko has to make a decision. Francis wants Niko to kill Derrick, because he can talk about his corrupt business in public. Once again: what will Niko do? Will he kill Francis or Derrick?


Ray Boccino, who you have met through Packie, wants you to get some diamonds. It appears that a lot of people are interested in the diamonds. At first they belong to Ray. Then he wants to sell them, but the deal goes wrong, the diamonds are disappeared. Later it appears that Giovanni Ancellotti has the diamonds, and Gerry wants them. From inside the prison he orders Niko to kidnap Ancellotti’s daughter, after which they can demand the diamonds for ransom. When the exchange takes place, the party is disturbed by Bulgarin, who was also searching for Niko because of some failed smuggling in the past. Again he and his associates want Niko dead, again Niko survives. The diamonds are thrown in a garbage truck. A bum has found them, and became a very wealthy man.


Through Ray Boccino and Phil Bell Niko meets the boss of the Pegorino family: Jimmy Pegorino. At the same time you have to help the boss of another family, Jon Gravelli, who is very ill. He is of the Gambetti family, and Niko knows him through United Liberty Paper. The Gambetti family fight against the Russian gangsters, in stead of the Pegorino family, who cooperate with the Russian mafia (Dimitri is one of them). Eventually the power of the Pegorino family is to big, and United Liberty Paper will cooperate with the Gambetti family, so fire will be fought with fire. Niko has to choose: Will he cooperate with Pegorino and the Russians (including Dimitri), by transportating drugs, or not? Deal (cooperate with the Russians) or revenge?

That Special Someone, part II

Through Ray Boccino Niko finds out the new identity of the one he is looking for. His name was Florian Cravic, but he changed his name into Bernie Crane. Niko goes to Bernie and it appears that he was not the traitor, but the other survivor, named Darko Brevic, was. Later Niko gets the chance to take revenge on Darko Brevic, because United Liberty Paper gets Darko to Liberty City, as a reward for the things Niko did for him. Niko meets him on the airport. He did betray the unit for money. For just $1000 he ambushed his friends. Will Niko kill him, or not? When he kills him, he will not feel any better. If he does not kill him, can he live with it?

The Final

The further progress of the story depends on which difficult choice Niko will make.


Niko works along with Dimitri, to deliver the drugs. Roman is glad Niko made this choice, but Kate lost her respect for you and she will not go with you to Roman’s wedding. During the wedding Roman is killed. Niko is furious, and wants to kill Pegorino and Dimitri. When Niko is looking for Dimitri, to kill him, he sees that Dimitri kills his own “partner” Pegorino. After a chase Niko kills Dimitri in front of the Statue of Happiness.


Niko will not even think about working along with Dimitri, but now he knows where he is. It is a good opportunity for Niko to get even with Dimitri and Niko kills him. Phill Bell does not want to work with Niko any more, not because he is angry with Niko, but because the Pegorino family is falling apart. Kate is very proud of Niko and goes with him to the wedding. She better did not, because during the wedding she is shot by Pegorino’s men. Niko is so angry with Pegorino, that he chases him and kills him in front of the Statue of Happiness.

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