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GTA IV Most Wanted
Police Cruiser
Requires Crime and Punishment and a
Police Cruiser, Police Patrol, NOOSE Cruiser or NOOSE Patriot
Goal Kill all 30 Most Wanted criminals
Reward The Trophy / Achievement "Manhunt"
A step closer to 100% game progress!
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In Grand Theft Auto IV, you have two sorts of police jobs: Vigilante and Most Wanted. For the Most Wanted submission you have to kill 30 different people in Liberty City, ten on each island. To see the list you need to break in to the computer of a police car. You can break in to the computer by pressing Left1.gif [PS3] or the left shoulderbutton [X360] when your vehicle isn't moving. When inside the computer, you select View Most Wanted and then you can select ten different people. To see the people in Broker/Dukes/Bohan, you have to be in this city. To see the people of Algonquin, you need to be in Algonquin. And to see the criminals from Alderney, you need to be in Alderney. Each city has got ten Most Wanted criminals, and you have to kill all 30 to complete this submission. For killing a criminal, you won't get any money, but you can take the money and weapons the criminals drop. When you have killed the 30 criminals, your game progress will improve by 2% and you will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Manhunt".


  • The computer in the police vehicle can only be broken into when the vehicle doesn't move.
  • In previous GTAs, you mustn't leave your vehicle, but in GTA IV you may leave your vehicle when you are at the criminal's location.
  • When you can't kill the criminal and you fail the mission, you won't have the possibility to start the same criminal's mission right again, if you are in the neighbourhood of the criminal.

Hints and tips

  • Full health and armor are very handy when starting a Vigilante job.
  • When your car doesn't start anymore because the engine broke down, you can simply call any number with your cellphone, and your car will start again.
  • By selecting Call Police Backup in the police computer, you will get police support, and like this you can let the police do the job.
  • When you become friends with Jacob, you can buy good weapons for a low price.

Most Wanted


Broker's, Dukes' & Bohan's Most Wanted

Algonquin's Most Wanted

Alderney's Most Wanted

Maxwell Caughlin - Gang Related Violence Shon Kikuchi - Gang Related Violence Marty Boldenow - Gang Related Violence
Scott Guzowski - Gang Related Violence Jimmy Kand - Gang Related Violence Noel Katsuda - Gang Related Violence
Antonio Rivette - Racketeering Simon Nashly - Gang Related Violence Rodney McEniry - Gang Related Violence
Rodrigo Stavnes - Racketeering Tommy Francovic - Gang Related Violence Glenn Lushbaugh - Human Trafficking
Fernando Tisdel - Human Trafficking Barry Lamora - Human Trafficking Phil Bacerra - Hit and Run
Tyler Pickrel - Human Trafficking Lino Friddell - Hit and Run Sergi Szerbin - Buglary
Preston Pecinovsky - Credit Card Fraud Juan Haimo - Burglary Danny Hatmaker - Arms Dealing
Alonso Goralski - Burglary Darren Covey - Arms Dealing Mervin Eskuchen - Drug Trafficking
Bert Reker - Drug Trafficking Leo Brodell - Drug Trafficking Frederick Harrison - Grand Theft Auto
Freddy Paparo - Grand Theft Auto Christov Mahonvic - Grand Theft Auto Keenan Burdett - Armed Robbery

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